Wafa Chakroun


Assistant teacher of English at the Institute of High Commercial Studies of Sfax (IHECS).


She got her Ph.D degree in Linguistics 2017 from the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of Sfax (FLSHS), a Master in Degree in Linguistics in 2012 and a Bachelor degree in linguistics in 2008. Apart from her linguistic studies, she also did marketing studies and got a Master degree in marketing in 2008 from the Faculty of Economics and Management of Sfax (FSEGS) and a Bachelor degree in marketing in 2005 from the High School of Business (ESCS). She taught in various public and private institutions such as the Institute of Business of Sfax (ISAAS), the Faculty of Economics of Sfax (FSEGS), The University of Um al Quraa in Saudi Arabia and the Higher Institute of Human Sciences of Mednine (ISSHM).
She was responsible of the postgraduate unit at Um Al Qura University from 2013 to 2016 and a member in the committee of the Student Entrepreneur of Sfax (PEES).