SM-TMC specific objectives:

Objective 1:

To implement curricula in maintenance engineering in Tunisian HEIs and to adapt it to the needs and structure of Tunisian industrial companies.

Objective 2:

To create a national organization Tunisian Maintenance Centre of Excellence, TMC, and a TMC-Expert Group with member universities and companies for coordinating the activities regarding maintenance education and training and active collaboration university-industry.

Objective 3:

To strongly involve the industrial companies to the development of curricula in maintenance engineering.

Objective 4:

To develop the TMC-Knowledge Platform for education and training. Effect: A unified system for OERs (Open Educational Resources) and E-learning resources and communication between, students, teacher, staff in companies and stakeholders.

Objective 5:

Overall improvement of the company climate, performance and quality in education and training in maintenance engineering. Access of female students and unemployed individuals to maintenance field.