Viorel Paunoiu


Professor, PhD at University of GalatiDunarea de Jos 

Expertise fields: Modelling and process optimization in manufacturing; Dimensional control in metal forming; Industrial Logistics

Management skills: Director of Manufacturing Engineering Department 2008-2019; Director of Machine and Equipment Exploitation study program; Director of Manufacturing Engineering study program; Assessor in the Romanian Agency for Quality Assurance in Higher Education – Industrial Engineering; Director of Department of Universities-Companies-Organizations Cooperation; Director of Manufacturing Research Centre (ITCM) 2011- present.

International documentary stages/ other training programs: 1991: Documentary stage in the field of flow forming of sheet metal-Metal Forming Institute (INOP) Poznan, Poland; 1992: Training stage in metal forming simulation – Centre de Mise Mise en Forme des Metaux (CEMEF) France; 1998: Documentary stage in the field of product design – University of Limerick, Ireland; 2001: Documentary stage in the field of rapid prototyping-University of Patras Greece; 2007: Documentary stage in the field of laser bending of sheet metal – University Tor Vergata, Roma, Italy.

Research management skills: Managed as director 3 national research projects and 20 as team member; Team member in one FP6 project and one COST; Local manager for 1 Tempus Program and as a team member in other 3; Director of Erasmus+ Project The Algerian National Laboratory for Maintenance Education ANL Med ; Technical manager in Erasmus+ South Mediterranean Welding Center for Education, Training and Quality Control (SM WELD) 2015-2018; 2 patents as author and 4 as team member; Editor-in-chief. 2008-2019, to the journal: The Annals of Dunarea de Jos University of Galati, Fascicle V, Technology in Machine Building, ISSN 1221-4411; More than 100 papers published in ISI journals, ISI conferences proceedings and IDB journals.

Relevant publications in the project domain:

  1. V. Teodor, V. Paunoiu, N. Baroiu, F. Susac, Optimization of the measurement path for the car body parts inspection, Measurement, Measurement, Volume 146, November 2019, Pages 15-23,

doi:, WOS:000481402800003

  1. V. Paunoiu, P. Cekan, E. Gavan, D. Nicoara, Numerical Simulations In Reconfigurable Multipoint Forming, International Journal of Material Forming, ISSN 1960-6206 (Print) 1960-6214 (Online), DOI 10.1007/s12289-008-0058-4, 2008

Proposed Topics in Project: Machine design, Tribology in metal forming