Luigi Renato Mistodie


Associate professor, PhD at Dunarea de Jos University of Galati

Expertise fields: Fusion welding processes (GMAW, TIG and SAW), arc welding monitoring, mechanical and metallurgical materials behaviour, welding equipment, mechatronics and robotics.

Management skills: Coordinates the Galati county branch of the Romanian Society of Robotics and he is member of the Romanian Welding Society and of the Automotive Engineers Society. He is also the president of the Romanian Scientific Committee of the international prestigious competition World Robot OlympiadTM, focused on the educational robotics students training.

International documentary stages/ other training programmes: Since 2012, he is certified as European/International Welding Engineer (EWE/IWE), level I specialist in Infrared Thermography achieved from the Infrared Training Centre (ITC) – Sweden and also as specialist in PLC Control of the Modular Production System certified by the Festo Didactic – Romania ; Documentary stage in the field of LASER Welding Processes at Department of Welded Structures from Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture, University of Zagreb, Croatia ; Documentary stage in welding, joining and cutting technologies in Essen-Germany, at International Trade Fair Joining, Cutting, Surfacing invited by German Welding Society (DVS) ; Documentary stage in the field of underwater technologies, ODL and TQM, Instituto Tecnico Superior Lisbon – IST, PORTUGAL

Research management skills:
He manages the activity of Laboratory for Research and Investigation of the Welding Arc and was involved in 15 national research projects as member in the research team. The research results have been disseminated by publishing 70 articles in national/international peer-reviewed journals and conferences proceedings. He coordinated the organizing of 5 regional/national workshops and 7 educational robotics professional competitions.

Relevant publications in the project domain:
1. Mistodie L. R., Rusu C. C., Scutelnicu E., Ene N., Monitoring System of Temperature Field in Pipeline Subjected to Multi-Wire Submerged Arc Welding, Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Advances In Mechanical and Robotics Engineering – AMRE 2014, DOI: 10.15224/ 978-1-63248-031-6-153, Zurich- Switzerland, 25-26 October 2014, pp. 69-73.
2. Rusu C. C., Mistodie L. R., Scutelnicu E., Cooling Rate Prediction in case of Pipelines Longitudinal Welds performed by Submerged Multi-Arc Welding, Proceedins of International Conference on Advanced Manufacturing Engineering and Technologies 2013 – NEWTECH, ISBN 978-91-7501-893-5, Stockholm, Sweden, 2013

Proposed Topics in Program: Processes monitoring