South Mediterranean Tunisian Maintenance Centre of Excellence


South Mediterranean Tunisian Maintenance Centre of Excellence

South Mediterranean Tunisian Maintenance Centre of Excellence

The SM-TMC (Southern Mediterranean Maintenance Centre of Excellence) project, led by the University of Sfax, establishes, among others, a framework for Higher Education in Maintenance Engineering to equip students with competences in Industry, Informatics and Communications to lead generic maintenance skills and, in particular, Maintenance 4.0.
The SM-TMC project's innovative element is the concept of connecting higher education with industry training and the establishment of common channels of collaboration between university and industry. The goal is to train highly skilled graduates, increasing their employability rate, on the one hand, and to improve the abilities of company employees, accelerating the innovation process and company growth on the other.

Implement curricula in maintenance engineering in Tunisian HEIs
TMC-Knowledge Platform for education and training
Involve the industrial companies

Novel educational and training framework

SM-TMC proposes a novel educational and training framework to enhance the employability of academic and technical staff and ultimately contribute to the improvement of living standards and actively interact with the socio-economic sector.

The SM-TMC proposes specific solutions to achieve the objectives and provides step-by-step guidelines for their implementation. Parallel to the modernisation of curricula, the improvement of the commitment level of academic staff and the knowledge and skills of graduates, special attention is given to increasing innovation in industrial enterprises.